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Butler Service at Beaches All Inclusive Turks and Caicos Resort

Butlers at the Beaches All Inclusive Turks and Caicos Resort are trained to the highest level.

Thought I’d share some of the background with you so you get a better and appreciation as to how serious this role is taken at Beaches All Inclusive Resort in Turks and Caicos

    • The inception of Butler Service with Mr. Robert Watson
      • All butler training and certification of sandals butlers is conducted by The Guild of Professional English Butlers
      • The guild trains and certifies butlers in the top hotels of the world such as
      • Bellagio in Las Vegas, Raffles in Singapore, The Setai in South beach, Miami, Atlantis in Nassau, the Greenwich in New York to name just a few
    • How butlers are selected
      • All trainee butlers are selected from Sandals staff
      • They are chosen for their pleasant personality, positive attitude and they have shown their commitment to provide great service to our guests
      • The trainees are selected from almost every department in Sandals Hotels and resorts
    • Evaluation of butlers. Acceptance to the Guild
      • Every year Robert returns to all the sandals butler departments and conducts follow up training and assessment of the butlers
      • After two years working as a butler with sandals if the butler has reached the guilds standards they are accepted as Associate Members of the guild
      • Not all of them make in two years  some might need a further year of experience before they are accepted
      • Any butler who is an associate member can have their membership of the guild revoked/cancelled should they let the guild down or fail to uphold the guilds and sandals standards
    • The importance of multi tasking
      • The role of the butler is unique in hotels since the butler is required to perform a wide variety of tasks and duties
      • The butler ensures that the suite is ready and prepared for individual guests so that on arrival everything they like is in the suite
      • The butler meets the guest in the lobby and escorts the guest directly to their suite
      • The guest register in the suite and then the butler gives them a suite orientation to show them how everything works
      • During the guest stay the butler takes care of all the booking and reservations that the guest needs as well as any information or assistance that a guest requires.
      • We pack and unpack if a guest requests us to do so.
      • We describe it as “one stop shopping” in that the guest just has to tell the butler of their needs and requirements and the butler takes care of it.



A)    Preference before the guest arrives

  • Butler suite guests prior to arrival go on line and fill in a page with all their preferences such as drinks, music, food, their preferences are then sent to the hotel and the butler is responsible to make sure that all their requests are met.
  • Sandals are one of the few hotel groups that have this facility

B)    Preferences during the guest stay

  • Once  the guest is in the hotel their personal butlers take notice of their preferences during the stay
  • Once the guest has left the preferences noted by the butler is inputted into the date base so that when the guest returns to any Sandals hotel again the butler taking care of them already knows what they like and can take care of it.

Here’s an Example:

  1. One of the butlers noticed that his guests liked a dry martinis before dinner
  2. So the butler put martini glasses, shaker, olives in the their suite and every evening he would go at 6.00 o’clock and mix them martinis the way they liked them
  3. That guest has returned to 4 different Sandals hotels and each butler has the same set up in the suite and knows exactly how the guests like their martini
  4. Like that there are now thousands of butler suite guests who keep returning to sandals hotels and for them it really is like coming back home
  • Butler representative at the airport
    • Another unique service provided by Sandals is that we have an airport butler who meets and greets all arriving butler suite guests
    • If the guest has any problems on arrival such as lost luggage the airport butler can start working on it straight away
    • The airport butler alerts the hotel butler to the situation and when the guest arrives in their suite there are already the things they might need until their luggage arrives
    • The guest is greeted at the airport with a welcome cocktail and the ladies are presented with a signature flower (To be implemented.)
  • The role of a butler
    • Put very simply the role of a Sandals butler is to ensure
    • Guest satisfaction, whatever activities they take part in, wherever they dine, whatever tours they take.
    • The butler is empowered to make it happen for the guest
    • On top of all this the motto of the butlers is
    • “every day we will surprise and delight our guests”
  • Focusing on Maximum service and Minimum intrusion
    • In order to achieve Maximum service minimum intrusion the butlers coordinate all service provided by the various departments
    • For example the butler escorts the guest to a restaurant and ensures that the restaurant staff take care of the guest
    • While the guest is dining the suite is serviced so that when the guest returns their suite is perfect and all is ready for a pleasant evening of romance or relaxation
  • Attention to detail
    • Every tiny detail of guest preferences is noticed by the butlers so that we can provide a serviced which is personalized by taking care of things the way each individual guest likes them
    • Order your breakfast with your butler and if you want just tell them that you will have the same every day at the same time and the butler will make it happen
    • Your shoes will disappear from where you left them and be returned to your wardrobe beautifully polished
    • Like to have the same two sun-beds on the beach, the butler not only reserves them but puts a cooler with your favorite drinks as well as takes the book you are reading so that all is ready when you decide to catch a few rays
  • The moment of truth
    • Each time a butler interacts with a guest is a moment of truth and we ensure that we get that moment right every time
    • WE do not just answer a guests question we think to ourselves “why is the guest asking this question”
    • We then provide the guest with any more information they may need or offer to assist the guest
    • And then we say to ourselves “ what more can I do for this guest”
    •  For us great service is anticipating the guests needs and then doing it
  • Operating in the guest shoes
    • We treat every guest as individuals
    • We always keep in mind that the guest is here to relax or has come for some special occasion such as a wedding or honeymoon
    • Our guest satisfaction is important to us personally
    • In a way we look at the guest as if they are our personal guests and that we want them to be happy and come back again and again to stay with us.
  • Butler’s Personality
    • Butlers all have an open friendly personality
    • They enjoy talking and chatting with the guest
    • All butlers have the ability to adapt their service and style to whatever suits the guest
    • If the guest has a sense of fun then the butlers will become part of their fun
    • If the guest prefers a simple non intrusive service then the butler gives the guest their own space while still taking care of their every need
  • Ensuring total guest satisfaction.
    • Guest satisfaction is not our goal, our goal is to “exceed the guest expectation”
    • To do that we continually strive to improve and develop our service
    • The smallest detail are important to us
    • Great service lies in the small detail


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