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How to spend a Rainy Day in Provo

Providenciales Weather

As I sit here in my office and there is a rare lull in the phone ringing (usually it’s ringing off the hook), I can sit back in my chair and take in the views afforded to me by our windows. The views are, I am happy to say, of swaying palms, flowering plants and the turquoise off in the distance.

Today it is a balmy 86 degrees…..the sun is bright and a warm tropical breeze makes the palm trees sway. I think of the events that led me to live here, in paradise, and I casually reflect once again upon how truly lucky I am to live in a place of such unparalleled beauty. I think also of my customers; many of whom had a tough winter shoveling snow. I am lucky indeed.

This past winter has been particularly hard on the East Coast of the United States and in some areas of Canada and we have experienced record bookings. I think again of how lucky I am to be able to help facilitate the perfect tropical island vacation to my many valued clients. This makes me smile.

But is weather always perfect and balmy down here in the Turks and Caicos? Well, truth be told, most of the time it really is. But just like in any region of the world, we do have a ‘rainy season’ and I do occasionally field questions from concerned tourists on what they can do in the event that a rainfall temporarily alters their plans. Hence this post.


Providenciales weather …Rainy days on Provo.

Never fear!

They are few and far between.

For there is still plenty of things to do in this sublime island chain should the rain be falling.

Let me start by giving you some rainfall stats: The rainy season in the Turks and Caicos occurs in autumn; September and October primarily. Hurricane season generally runs from beginning of June to the end of November. But… hurricanes are quite rare. The last time we were hit was in 2008, when Hurricane Ike drenched Grand Turk and South Caicos. Not much activity before and/or after that. So no worries there. Generally speaking, these islands experiences 350 sunny days a year.

Not bad, eh?

But should you encounter a rainy day, or even a few, never fear. As stated before, there really ARE things to do.

Here are 3 suggestions:

1. Book a snorkel, snuba or scuba diving session

If it’s predicted in the forecast that the weather will be overcast for some of the day, then plan ahead. Book a snorkeling, snuba or scuba diving session. Bear in mind, you are already going to be wet, what does it matter if the sun isn’t intense up above as you explore the mysterious depths below? Indeed you can enjoy the marine life, and get upclose- and-personal with the brightly-colored coral reefs. You are still certain to have a great afternoon.

2. Book a Spa session

Once again, if you know that rain is expected, why not book a spa session? You can plan on Spa Tropique, and for a small out-call fee they will come right to your private suite! Indeed, be sure to try the popular Beach Bliss treatment, which includes a detoxifying seaweed wrap, a mini-facial with strawberry mask, and a luxurious 50 minute Aromatherapy massage, which uses fragrant tropical floral essences, such as kiwi and coconut, mango passion fruit, and pomegranate vanilla yogurt. Bliss! There are many other AMAZING spas to go and spend a half day at as well such as the award-winning Regent Spa at Regent Palms, Thalasso Spa at Point Grace and several others.

3. Shop – island style

Ah, some retail therapy. Shop for fine jewelry, beach wear or art pieces at the local galleries, all conveniently located in Regent Village, Ports of Call or Saltmills Plaza. You can also catch a movie at the local theater or dine on fresh seafood at one of our world-class gourmet restaurants…. one with indoor seating, of course!

So, there you have it. Some rainy day suggestions. But before you leave the beach running as the drops start to fall, also keep this in mind: most time it rains it rains for only 10 minutes or so. As such, a light rainfall is unlikely to ruin your day.

But, once again, if the forecast does indeed project that a whole day of rain is likely, follow my suggestions above and it’ll be all good.

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