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Where to grab a great coffee on Providenciales

Turks and Caicos is an ideal place to relax, de-stress and disconnect from the crazy modern world we live in. The ability to “unplug” is one of the top reasons for visiting Turks and Caicos. However, there are a few “modern-day fixes” that we all still enjoy, and getting a decent cup of coffee (for those that need it) is still a great way to guarantee a good start to your day – even on vacation. It’s also fun to send the people back home those #instagram pics you just took on the beach using the free #wifi.

Here are a few of our favourite places to get that “cup of joe”.

Greenbean Cafe – Turtle Cove

Greenbean Cafe – wifi, sitting amongst the palm trees drinking Starbucks coffee – what’s not to love? They also have a great selection of breakfast items and a huge range of salads and lunch items. I’ve had several meetings here and it’s just relaxed, low-key and as close to “Starbucks” as we currently get on Provo! Located near Turtle Cove Marina, so you’ll need a car to get here from the main resorts.

Where to get coffee in ProvoCoffee Shops in Grace Bay Provo turks and caicos_coffee_0090

Caicos Cafe – Grace Bay

Caicos Cafe – we’ve covered this delightful establishment before, and without a doubt, the main attraction is the fine array of pastries and temptations. But they still do a mean espresso, which certainly helped me during our 6 am start for the feature piece we did on them earlier in the year. Bakers start work early!

 Caicos Bakery in Grace Bay Providenciales turks and caicos_coffee_0091turks and caicos_coffee_0091turks and caicos_coffee_0091Want to read more about where to grab a great coffee on Providenciales?
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Graceway Gourmet- Grace Bay

Graceway Gourmet – located in the heart of Grace Bay, it’s hard to remember a time before it was built as it has so quickly become a central stopping point for coffee and lunch. The outdoor sitting area is constantly busy with early risers, the post-gym crowd and a splattering of business meetings. As well as buying a coffee to go, it’s also a great place to pick up your own supplies of locally roasted coffee to then “DIY” back at your condo. We like to mix it up and do a little of both!

turks and caicos_coffee_0095 turks and caicos_coffee_0094 Graceway Gourmet Grocery store in Provo

Lemon 2 Go – Grace Bay

Lemon 2 Go – most people who go to Lemon 2 Go for a latte or cappuccino than just a regular coffee. Talented baristas take this “coffee art” seriously with fun designs (if requested). Fresh sandwiches delivered to the shop from the Lemon restaurant are also a favourite (love the tuna). With an outdoor sitting area adjacent to the road and shops of the Salt Mills complex, it’s a great place for some people-watching.

Coffee shops in Turks & Caicos turks and caicos_coffee_0098turks and caicos_coffee_0098turks and caicos_coffee_0098 turks and caicos_coffee_0097turks and caicos_coffee_0097turks and caicos_coffee_0097 turks and caicos_coffee_0096

IGA Corner Cafe – Leeward Highway

IGA  – Corner Cafe – Somewhat now replaced by IGA gourmet as the main “coffee stop”, but its proximity next to the biggest supermarket on the island and amongst shops, Fedex, a dentist and a bank, make it a great meeting spot.

Main grocery store in Provo

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