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Best Times to Travel to Turks & Caicos

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As travel designers in the Turks & Caicos, it’s a question we get all the time: When is the best time to visit? And the answer is: It depends. Not the concrete answer people are usually looking for, but the truth is there are perks to visiting for every season. The best time to visit is entirely up to your clients and what best serves their preferences. So to help you narrow down the best time for your client to travel to the Turks & Caicos, we’re breaking it all down for you so you can start planning their trip.


The weather this time of year is a dream as the water temperature warms up, and a cooling breeze persists. And if your clients travel to the Turks & Caicos in late March, they may still have time to catch the humpback whales on their annual migration (peak time is January to March). Things to keep in mind: Easter books fast, so if they plan to travel that week, be sure they’re booked well in advance. Starting in early May, rates start to drop and promos abound. Be on the lookout!


Ah, sweet summer. As you might have guessed, the summer season here is warm — warmer than usual. And while the islands remain busy in early summer, as the season wears on and people return to school and work, the crowds usually disperse by late August. It’s cheaper to travel here in the summer, so if you’re looking for great travel deals for your clients — advise them to travel in the summer. And whereas winter weather often brings with it rough seas, visitors can expect the opposite in the summer. Flat calm seas, anyone? Perfect for boat days.


While for many people, the fall season means cooler temperatures and color-changing leaves, it signals the height of hurricane season in the Turks & Caicos. Hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through Nov. 1, but the months of September and October are generally the most active part of the season. That being said, hurricanes are unpredictable, and there are no guarantees. This time of year is also the slowest season, which means many businesses temporarily close for vacation and renovations. But there are perks to traveling this time of year: Empty beaches. Incredible travel deals. No doubt, September and October are the most affordable months to come to the Turks & Caicos. Things start picking back up in November, which is also when your clients can catch the annual Conch Festival.


It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year in the Turks & Caicos. With the winter season comes the festive season — the busiest time of year. Resort accommodations of two bedrooms and more are usually booked by the previous spring. Being such a busy time of year, this is also when visitors can expect more events, such as the annual Christmas tree lighting at Seven Stars Resort and the Food & Wine Festival hosted by Grace Bay Club, to name a few. As you might expect, the winter season also brings with it higher prices on flights and accommodations. But for many, it’s worth it to spend the holidays in paradise.

Ready to start planning your clients’ Turks & Caicos getaway? With our local knowledge, we can help you plan a vacation that fulfills all your clients’ needs — from accommodation to activities and more. All they have to do is decide the best time for them to take that vacation — and hopefully we’ve already simplified that process for everybody. Get in touch to speak with one of our local travel designers, and let’s start planning together

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