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Whether your idea of fun is to Jetski around the island with a stopoff at a local beach restaurant for a tasty Caribbean lunch, discovering caves, coves, cliffs and cannons, or simply enjoying the sunset with a glass of good wine, it’s all here in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Below is a mere sampling of some amazing Tours & Activities we'll sprinkle in to your Itinerary:

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Kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos Islands is truly a world class experience. In particular, the ‘Long Bay’ beach area is the ideal location to learn and practice, due to the excellent culmination of weather, clarity and (waist-deep) shallowness of water, tide, clean sandy bottom, and fairly consistent trade winds. We have the right guides, gear, and knowledge to get this exciting activity into any Adventure based Itinerary.

Insider Tip:

Wind speed and consistency varies slightly throughout the year, we’ll help guide you through this.


Located in the Grace Bay area, our Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club is the only Par 72, 18-hole course in the country and consistently rated among the top 10 golf courses in the Caribbean. Designed by Karl Litten, the course features rugged limestone formations and waterways with herons, egrets and flamingos. The front nine has water features on six holes, and the back nine, seven with resident and migratory birds (flamingos, egrets and herons).

Insider Tip:

Need to take a few strokes off your game? We’ll get you setup with one of our local pros.


These islands offer ideal conditions for several types of sport fishing. Deep-sea, bottom, reef, bone all have different locations to venture off to, to catch the big one. There are ample options for Pros and amateurs, and sizes of vessels vary based on the type of fishing you’re looking for and the amount of people in your party.

Insider Tip:

 We’ll let you know what you’re most likely to catch based on the time of year you’re visiting.


This activity offers a wonderful combination of getting some fitness in during your vacation, being out in the open air and nature, and seeing sealife. Not much practice is needed, and many of our visitor enjoy paddleboarding at nearby Mangrove Cay (5 minutes from Grace Bay). The extra height that paddleboarders get over the water make it quite easy to see fish, rays, turtles, lemon sharks, starfish, conch shells, and coral.

Insider Tip:

There’s definitely more optimal times of the day to do this activity as it depends on the incoming or outgoing tide, we’ll guide you through it all.


Turks and Caicos offers some fantastic locations and conditions to enjoy kayaking. With several locations around the islands and cays, including Mangrove Cay, Princess Alexandra National Park, Chalk Sound National Park, and Half Moon Bay, our guides have extensive experience, and doing a kayak eco tour becomes not only a fun experience, but a very educational one too.

Insider Tip:

Many of our resorts and villa have complimentary sea kayaks however, going with a trained guide makes a huge difference in the overall experience for what wildlife you can see.


With fantastic visibility, great conditions and several options (self-guided, public, private) to choose from, it’s no surprise that a lot of our visitors enjoy this activity when they visit. Be on the lookout for sea turtles, parrotfish, sting rays, small tropical fish, eagle rays and many varying species of coral formations.

Insider Tip:

There’s a quite a few options for enjoying snorkeling including few places where you can snorkel ‘right off the beach’ on Grace Bay (Smith’s Reef is one of them), public or private eco-tour snorkel options, or all-day snorkel trip as well.


Dive our world-class reefs and walls in Grace Bay, Pine Cay, NW Point, French Cay and West Caicos. No rush, no bottom time limits and boat traffic. Be ready for the open ocean wildlife encounters like dolphins and whales (Feb). Enjoy extended surface intervals and explore rare and unusual dive sites rarely visited. We go where we think its best on the day, depending on weather, tide, currents and recent underwater encounters.

Insider Tip:

Experience a Night Dive – Every diver knows that nighttime can be an exceptional time to explore the reefs. The invertebrates, corals and plankton all come out to feed and you never know what you will see.


Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, babymoons, proposals, or just relaxing and enjoying being on world-class water.  The magic of sailing through our amazing turquoise waters is quite unforgettable. Perhaps you are avid snorkelers, or want to just cruise and sightsee…  Sunset sails are truly magical, especially with a bottle of bubbly.

Insider Tip:

Younger families often prefer the morning cruise. If snorkelling is not your cup of tea, how about a private beach stop? With the chance of finding a sand dollar or a conch shell?

There are so many incredible joys to experience here.

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