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We specialize in creating personalized itineraries customized to meet your client’s every need.

Our travel experts all live and work in-destination, so we’ve carefully selected the best-of-the-best experiences this stunning destination has to offer. 

Delight and surprise your clients by including on their vacation unique opportunities to sit and enjoy a serene, secluded beach, cruise on an 80 ft luxurious private yacht charter, enjoy specialty island spa treatments, partake in a cooking class making savory Caribbean dishes, enjoy yoga with endless views of turquoise, and so much more. When your clients arrive on the island, we’re right here for you, and for them too.

How we'll help you

Who are we?

A savvy group of seasoned travel and tourism experts that live and work in the islands and have the local know-how to plan picture-perfect custom vacations. We’re focused on one thing – collaborating with travel advisors to engineer a customized itinerary, that’s meticulously planned from arrival to departure, and executed..

What do we do?

We offer a comprehensive, full-service solution – including itinerary planning, luxury resort and villa bookings, private VIP expedited airport meet and greet service, airport transfers, private island tours, leisure activities, vehicle rentals, and reservations at hard-to-get-into restaurants. WE KNOW THE BEST, WE BOOK THE BEST!..

What makes us different?

In addition to our aggressive commission policy on ALL accommodation plus net rate pricing on tours/activities booked in advance or by clients ‘on-island’, as well as ‘Agency of Record’ promise on any future client inquiries – we work with a very impressive portfolio of resorts, villas, tour/activity vendors and..

Turks & Caicos Travel Advisor Portal

Our travel advisor portal is full of resources just for you!

From downloadable images and ready-made social media captions to our portfolio map and educational training videos, this exclusive travel advisor portal was made to help YOU better sell Turks & Caicos.

Email us to register and get access to the Portal.

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Travel Advisors love us
as much as we love them!

Travel Advisors love us
as much as we love them!

Resort & Villa


Our Commitment to You

Luxury Experiences is represented by Waterstone Marketing

Waterstone is a sales, marketing, and communications company specializing in the promotion of luxury hotels, resorts, villas, yachts and destination management companies. Their outstanding collection is comprised of independent properties and unique experiences of luxury hospitality, each exuding the special charms of their destination.

Through their activities, events and distribution channels, Waterstone Marketing expertly communicates the essence and unique characteristics of their extraordinary collection.   More information can be found at this address.

- Lilly Lyn

Brownell, a Virtuoso Agency

“They’re always the first point of contact for ALL my Turks & Caicos bookings!”

“Working with Val and the Luxury Experiences Turks & Caicos team has always been and continues to be a great experience! The booking process is seamless & efficient, they are always quick to respond and the end product both for the advisor and client is *always* extraordinary. Whenever I have clients that are headed to Turks & Caicos, this team is *always* my first contact!

- Juliana Mulholland


The ONLY partner I will consider working with for Turks bookings.

Working with the extremely talented, insightful and island-based team at Luxury Experiences has been a critical and essential part of me continuing to book travel to these islands, and at the same time, being able to provide flawless service to my high net worth and demanding clients! Having a local partner with this level of expertise and contacts (where they can get up-to-the-minute knowledge of everything that’s ever-changing in today’s COVID world) has been key. I literally would not have been able to book many of my clients there without their help.

- Corey Nussbaum Kansas

SmartFlyer – A Virtuoso Agency

Turks & Caicos is lucky to have this team!

Val and his team at Luxury Experiences Turks and Caicos makes me, as the Travel Advisor, look like a rock star! After a client missed a promotional opportunity, they were able to secure a rate that the client was thrilled about and booked on the spot! Thank you for your knowledge, responsiveness,​ accuracy and willingness to provide whatever the client needs. Turks and Caicos is lucky to have this team!

- Holly Nesmith

Brownell Travel, a VIRTUOSO Agency

This team went above and beyond for my clients!

In a last minute change of plans due to ongoing border closures, we had to find space for a family group traveling within 1.5 weeks. They jumped in , to help our clients create a fabulous 40th birthday trip – and it was flawless! The clients were thrilled with all of the little touches, dining reservations and special moments they helped us finagle – and I was relieved to have the hands on support. Couldn’t recommend Luxury Experiences more!

I so appreciate all of their efforts on this, and will continue to book ALL my Turks bookings with them!

- Joanne Smith

Brownell Travel, a VIRTUOSO Agency

The intel and insight from this group is unrivaled!

I really enjoy working with Luxury Experiences Turks & Caicos. I love the fact that they’re located right there, on the island of Providenciales, which makes such a difference in terms of knowing the product and properties and working with the management and staff of the resorts.

As a member of Virtuoso, it is so important to have reliable local suppliers who understand the level of property and service my clients expect and this group lives up to that standard. I will continue to use them for all of my Turks & Caicos business.

- Leslie Fineman

Verge Travel Experts, VIRTUOSO

Knocked the socks off my most hard to impress clients

From initial inquiry, to touchdown and takeoff, Luxury Experiences handled every single detail flawlessly and seamlessly. Service was high touch and responsive every step of the way – VIP arrival and departure, private activity planning, sourcing a stunning luxury villa with a class A chef and support staff, all booked within a week of arrival, during one of the busiest times of the year in Turks & Caicos. This team makes Virtuoso travel advisors shine bright in the eyes of our clients.

- Mary Bones-Angeloni

Wilton Travel, CT Part of the ENSEMBLE Travel Group

Their ability to compare & contrast resorts and villas is massively helpful

I contacted Luxury Experiences DMC for a last minute booking for my clients. They were instrumental in locating and advising with the options available, with extreme accuracy and fitting to our clients request. Their island location and recommendation proved to be perfect and we valued their insight and promptness to our needs.

- Haleigh Scott

Strong Travel, a Virtuoso Agency

From touchdown to takeoff, they use personal contacts at every step.

Working with Luxury Experiences was a dream! Val and his team are quick to respond and can handle every detail from beginning to end. They were able to put together a fabulous trip for one of my top clients that left him in awe. Every partner he works with is vetted and he has personal contacts at every hotel!

Luxury Experiences makes the process so easy and I cannot wait to work with him again!

- Randee Shyer


Exceptional product knowledge of the destination and its luxury product

Val at Luxury Experiences was very helpful in working with my client to make sure they had all the information they needed and budget was met. His insight and knowledge of the properties, partnerships and the island is exceptional. Without him, I wouldn’t have been as confident to send my high end clients to Turks & Caicos. Looking forward to more opportunities together!

- Susan Cashman

Pan World Travel, PA Member of Travel Leaders

True Island Connoisseurs of Turks & Caicos

Val and his team are one of my most favorite suppliers to work with in the Caribbean. They bend over backwards to secure excellent pricing and provide the best experiences ever for Turks & Caicos. They’re truly island experts and love to work with agents and help us be successful with our travelers. I never worry when I have anybody in the Turks & Caicos Islands because I know that they will take care of them! It’s nice to have people of such high integrity and ethics taking care of my agency and my clients.

- Clara Cracchiolo

Travel Leaders

Kudos to this On-Site DMC team.

I’ve booked a beautiful package for my upscale clients that Luxury Experiences has been more than helpful to put together, and helped advise me on all the particulars for my booking at Grace Bay Club. It’s truly been a wonderful experience for me as a Travel Professional. I could not have asked for better service than what has been graciously given to me and for my clients. Kudos to this On-Site DMC team.

- Tara Piombino

Travel Answers, Travel Leaders

Masters at the art of Itinerary crafting

The expertise that this group has is truly invaluable! They know exactly which resort or villa will be the perfect fit for my clients, and provide excellent service as well. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and they’re also quick to respond. Great recommendations and booking capability for tours and activities and top restaurants. Highly recommended!

- Emily Webber

Travel Experts, a VIRTUOSO Agency

So happy to have found this Luxury DMC in Turks

The team at Luxury Experiences has been E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y helpful with my clients’ villa rental – they’ve handled every detail especially in this new Covid world! It’s even more important these days to have a team on-the-ground that can advocate for you. I will always use this group for my Turks and Caicos clients.

- Anabela Da Silva

CWT Concierge, Virtuoso

Two thumbs up for this Luxury DMC in Turks & Caicos

I booked one of my luxury clients with this DMC on Grace Bay and truly had a stellar experience using their services. As they literally live and work from the island, their product and destination knowledge is second to none, and their professionalism really exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs UP!

- Jayne L. Bliss

Tzell Travel Group

Truly an In Country Partner

We’re always searching for the person and team we feel the most comfortable with to handle our high end clients, and I’ve found Val and his extraordinary team at Luxury Experiences Turks & Caicos one I can fully rely on.

- Leslie Fineman

Verge Travel, CA Travel Experts, VIRTUOSO

Knocked the socks off my most hard to impress clients

I had a truly exceptional experience with Luxury Experiences Turks & Caicos. Val was super responsive, thoughtful and creative. He knocked the socks off my most hard to impress clients. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Val and his team!

- Marcy Zyonse

Travel Experts, a VIRTUOSO Agency

Always going Over & Beyond, especially when it counts!

I can’t thank Luxury Experiences enough for going above and beyond to help us get a hugely challenging situation with one of our Turks & Caicos clients resolved.

To be honest, I’m really not sure why any luxury travel advisor would ever want to book Turks and Caicos any other way.

- Sarah Pierson

Purposeful Wanderings

Well connected, knowledgeable, professional and enjoyable to work with.

Luxury Experiences has proven to be a genuine and valuable on-the-ground partner for my Turks & Caicos bookings. They handle it all (including unforeseen curveballs) with grace. I have appreciated their insight into the best villas, resorts, and experiences for my clients, as they have been spot on.

Luxury Experiences Turks & Caicos – highly recommended!

- Michelle Master Orr

Travel Experts, a Virtuoso agency

So nice to finally have a Luxury DMC on the island that I book the most!

This DMC is really a great resource for booking your Luxe clients in Turks and Caicos. Yes, I can book it all myself, but the island-based group has access to some really awesome and engaging excursions that I would otherwise not find on my own. Additionally, they are there on the island when you need them, and that, is really important to me and my clients!!

Thank you Luxury Experiences Turks and Caicos!

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Turks and Caicos


“When planning a family or group vacation, it might be tricky trying to decide between the convenient amenities of a resort or the spacious comfort of a villa.
Fortunately, thanks to the exclusive access of my local partners, I can make your decision easier by recommending a trip to Turks & Caicos where you can have the best of both worlds – incredible villas that provide access to resort amenities.
For more inspiration, contact me to take a look at some of my personal favorite options and from there we will find the one that best fits the wants and needs of every member in your group.”


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Instagram: @luxuryexperiencestc
LinkedIn: @luxury-experiences-turks-and-caicos

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Turks and Caicos

“Did you know that there’s A LOT of different things to do for an active family in Turks & Caicos?

A standout travel destination for all occasions, Turks and Caicos has lots to offer including:

✓ Eco Tours and Back Country Adventures
✓ Mini Powered Two-seater self-driven Catamarans
✓ Horseback riding in the turquoise water
✓ Spectucular Kiteboarding on Long bay beach
✓ Underwater Semi-sub tours with mermaids for kids (old and young)
✓ Catch & Grill your own fish

My local partners provide invaluable access to the very best Turks and Caicos has to offer, so allow me to book your trip and together we will design a custom itinerary worth dreaming about.

Contact me today to get started!”


Facebook: @luxuryexperiencesturkscaicos
Instagram: @luxuryexperiencestc
LinkedIn: @luxury-experiences-turks-and-caicos

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Turks and Caicos

“Did you know that Grace Bay Beach is continually ranked the #1 beach in the world?

A standout travel destination for all occasions, Turks and Caicos has lots to offer including:

✓ Turquoise water & bright white sand
✓ Luxurious beach resorts and villas
✓ Friendly hospitality at every turn
✓ Savory Caribbean cuisine
✓ Laid back island vibes
✓ Endless activities for all interests

My local partners provide invaluable access to the very best Turks and Caicos has to offer, so allow me to book your trip and together we will design a custom itinerary worth dreaming about.

Contact me today to get started!”


Facebook: @luxuryexperiencesturkscaicos
Instagram: @luxuryexperiencestc
LinkedIn: @luxury-experiences-turks-and-caicos

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