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Wellness Experiences

Island-Inspired Treatments for a Purifying Journey

Many of our island’s experienced wellness therapists combine global wellness practices with the traditional healing practices of the islands and natural ingredients sourced from the surroundings and the Caribbean Sea. Various island massage techniques are used in synergy with our organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, known for its healing and anti-ageing properties.

Leave our islands with glowing skin, a calming spirit, a clear mind, and a fresh perspective.

Como Shambhala Wellness Center

Meaning ‘peace’ in Sanskrit, Shambhala alludes to the pursuit of balance. It defines the essence of the COMO Shambhala approach to holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient practices to align mind, body and spirit. The Retreats is iconic, offering a wide range of treatments, experiences, products and activities.  Complementing these services is the signature COMO Shambhala Cuisine, featuring healthful nutrition-optimised dishes using pure ingredients in nourishing combinations.


Mindfulness & Stress Management

To cultivate serenity in the face of a stressful lifestyle, this Immersion shifts focus inward, using meditation, Qi Gong, yoga and breathwork alongside specially selected therapies to release tension and promote clarity of thought.


Stress Relief Wellness Retreat

Perfectly timed with the beginning of the festive season, this four-night retreat in Amanyara’s idyllic setting unpacks the causes, effects and effective management of stress. Led by global wellness icon Toby Maguire, the retreat will include daily sessions introducing meditation techniques, breathwork for relaxation and goal setting for balanced living, as well as a signature Aman massage, a personalised wellness session and a private movement class.


One-day Wellness Immersions

For guests who wish to explore Immersions without committing to a multi-day programme, spa specialists will devise a personalised itinerary offering a condensed Immersion experience.


The Spa at The Palms

Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, seemingly in synch to the rhythm of the music playing softly along the path…

Passing through the palest of sage green painted iron gates, the faint aroma of geranium begins to come into focus. Your breath slows then deepens. Is that sandalwood and a hint of orange too? Nectar of hibiscus, the flower of happiness and sheer joy by the way, tastes sweet on your lips. 


Thalasso Spa

Fresh sea breezes and a marvelous view of the ocean are part of the Thalasso beauty elements. Point Grace’s spa is located in three, white-washed buildings set apart at the east of the property and just back from the beach dune. The treatment rooms are designed to allow doors and windows to be open to the ocean view and sea air while guests are being pampered, yet privacy is maintained. 


There are so many incredible joys to experience here.

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